1. BedBunk


I’m a bad mood
looking in the dumpster
for some sassoons
cereal killer on a cartoon
lunch box filled
with a tatooed piece
of dried out jerky
on a harpoon
looking for a whale
in the stockroom
looking for my mail
in the wrong tomb
with myself in hand
a bloodless vein
squeeze out a drop
one glove dominant grip
with my big thumb
hitch another ride
out to freak love
plugging up a dyke
money back guarantee
if you dont leak
acting toward the level
of my false dreams
neuvo lover how does
she scream
hometown dialect
coming out my cone
in swirls of vanilla
ice cream got a fake twenty
for her nineteen
cant go to college
she like fourteen
i’m better off dead
wheres my two dollars
cuffing up my collar
memo ra billia painted rocks
la familia garfunkle breakin
out cecelia tickle your thighs
by the growth on my chin
fifty eight for the win
its a slam drunk charity stripes
in my bed bunk