From the recording SCIENTAL O.G. (WEB VERSION)


I’m like Diogenes get on your motherfucking knees
I dodge your pleas deface your currencies
I take your Queen cuz I aint no Bee otch
but I take your B and all your fiat
like dionysus I feta pisces
with my white tees and if thats greek to you
I probably fucked your bitch I dont know
running down the tracks somethings gotta go
better yet since I’m always running outta dough
come running up on my bitch yeah she a top ho
best believe this

back into the mist
back into the smoke
triple X rating
young cosby with the jokes
heres a pill
bitch its time to chill
watch some swarm
be a holy sheath
for my sword
oh sweet lord
in the end
we forgive who we fighting for
the type of love
that labels us extremists
on top one step from the deep end
you cant reason with a heathen
we on a journey
dont stop believin
hold on to this feeling
we singers in a smoky room
might have trouble breathing
while I give a beat a beating
i’m skipping classes
only I should be teachin
cuz i’m an extremist