From the recording SCIENTAL O.G. (WEB VERSION)


9mm Dropping out
with the placenta
dialated in magenta
recorded in a tenta tive
reservation wigwam
rest stop big bomb
50% off your mom
heres your taco
run along
oh you want some hot sauce
in your hand yeah I get it
ex wife posting adventures
indentured wearing dentures
go to court then get censored
bury treasure in the desert
9 millimeter take a look dick
I measured
Find me at jack in box
listening to my rick ross
listening to my bitch mom
going to the pawn shop
how much for this saws all
I been standing too tall
cutting off these big toes
look you in the eyes bro
Find me at jack in box
quoting dali llama
in my empty house
a thief with a padlock
for the sauna
purified your guts
paired it with some microwave salmon
try and piss me off
come and piss me off
she says i’m just too small