mi compa
tengo Gabbanelli
ramon ayala across his belly
my ruca brings the birria
tengo in my suspiria
i got a show in la quinta
they let me out of the pinta
algo mas i’m about to sink ya
someone left a note on my speaka

salud amigo i thank god
gracias adios and whoever killed mi hermana
i will never forgive you
perro as long as you sing corridos
you can work the land of the devils
you can sing the songs of my father
you can taste the tears of my mother
and my revenge is like no other

the cartel took your marido
all you said was que chido
tienes seguro de vida
un cuchillo un balla
a fumar ensalada
donate todo mi Adidas
this borracha lost the fetus
yo miro mucho porno
live solo in the corner
mi esquino assesino

Chain on your neck see the metaphor
Your being handled nothing but a door
I got bibles I got rights I like the virgen Mary
Its so tight drain all your power
Now you wanna shower you let her on top
she blew up the tower
Now she got your bills coach coward
Don’t come to me I don’t want fake flowers
Get a job be a person then go home and start rehearsing
I’m talking depot aisles full of cursing where’s the duck tape
keep you from bursting