From the recording Bad Magnitude


You can still flaunt me you should still want me
in fact take your last breath baby and haunt me
better ghost try and stalk me
cuz im running not walking
from whatever you taught me
whatever you bought me
organic lobotomy
puffing on some botany
you would be my omen
but Damien just shot me
and Linus pulled a wool blanket
over my eyes aspect ratio 239
before the one ass run over
by a semi that’s right
no shift cascadia
smoke trees in arcadia
shorty being afraidia
refund all this mania controller
baby come play my stadia

Hurry up and kiss me speed it up and diss me
bullock and reeves on the 105 just missed me
listen to me howling allen cedric cowlings
pick me up next week
my stomach is growling
i cant eat a bronco burger
johnny marr said meat is murder
maybe its just morrissey
cold off these whores you see
gram for a smore you see
chapman got no horse you see
trojans do USC
jergens in my pores you see
hairy palms torn you see
fry some chicken from the sea
mikey likes it good for me
True hollywood stories C
holy grails aint worth you dying
libraries aint made for quiet
nuttins overdue you lying
facedown baby least you trying