From the recording Bad Magnitude


when you call I might fall
Back in love again
Baby please need release
return to me my friends

Couldn’t quit one more hit
Im Caught up in your shit
Hit me hard 16 bars
your troubles never far

On the run from the gun
just to get me some
I need love I need sun
but my time is done

you just want what you want
I know it never ends
and once I’m all out
I know youll just begin

make me psycho I might go
back under arrest
I never see butterflies
when I take the test

all alone wheres my phone
Im just an animal
Id be fine but your sign
says were compatible

Fm dawn thats my song
I need a long weekend
but im stuck in this prison
doing 5 to ten

all I got is your poster
on my concrete wall
put a fork in a toaster
for some shock and awe

I aint fine i’m confined
setting off alarms
one day ill escape
hold you in my arms

All day I hate and I love
I know not why
I’m down in a hole
thinking of new crimes

Im broken Im scarred
scratching at my skin
I wont be okay
wont be saved within

nothings pure I endure
what they cant correct
need a friend when the end
calls to collect