Put That On Your Menu

Put me on to something
put me on the menu
get me on to something
get me to the venue
bill me on the freeway
credit for this threeway
put me in your drive thru
and i can play it real cool

Put me in your profile
searching for your last smile
thinking that i’m someone
leave me when you want fun
exchange me when I’m returned
back of course I don’t learn
nothing more to lend you
put that on your menu

You want photos and selfies
Don’t hate yourself
go rate yourself five star motherfuckers
with a bank account born to run my mouth
born a trust fund baby at twenty three
ever since my american dreams
say words for the absurdities
still staring at her absurdities
below your head not mine you’re so fine and
I’m too emotional for too many lyrics
too fucking truthful
for anyone to hear it
Gotta cover my face
my eyes burn when I stare
without a mirror for too long at myself
so many cameras level up
the invasion
I guess its nice
I hope your happy
Can you spare some time to ridicule me
spare a dime see right through me