Intro: Compton Menace

See me on the low , Float in the Compton river, crawl out the creek , Temper , menace straight deliver

I’m a bring the sick put hepatitis in your liver, yeah I’m the shit, wipe that smile when I pull the figure

oooh, throw whats good at a hundred and eighth
watersheds to where the channel drains

now lighting and pestilence Sparks LA malevolence D-Fish intelligence

i can drown all threes dunked first lisa leslie , swim in concrete
get a fat crown like elvis presley

children of the beast , I’m a unholy lamb with the marks of vaccines
Spellbounds and revelations

Yeeeaaah, it is what it is money Yeeahhh it is what it is money

trash bags fuel grease blue badge and red priest grab you by those ears stick your head down in streams

ooooh, pull your block out now try to breathe
pump your lungs just to let out a scream

off your knees now stand with this Wilmington now apocalypse
burn the flag and an ambulance, labeled me with a triple six ,
Feds came hard so I hit the sticks all alone thats the consequence ,
charities got the evidence poetically poor intelligence Haikus bout my confidence temperament and excellence
menace - ing finna spark the hits