Verse 1:
Remember pink hill road we raced fast of course
I was a little rusty back then and yes i guess i still am
just like those pinstripes you could barely see
my reflection in those passenger doors
and thats probably a good thing ,that’s probably a good thing
come Saturday night ooh they got a good swing
there was scratching and biting but mostly we were fighting the inevitable

Your built to break a thousand hearts then tear em all apart
like all those miles you put on me
left me a little broken down, out of gas in this small town
watching your headlights drive away i always said to myself
It was nice riding shotgun
but baby
you were built to break a thousand hearts

Verse 2:
underneath that hood a big block that purrs
when a strong tools wrenching on it and changing that oil
and of course you were bound to leak on to the driveway
only I pretended not to notice them stains
I still got scars on my knuckles , a belt that wont buckle
from a couple a pounds that wont go away
lately I’m feeling exhausted, tired of being accosted
by another injured filing a claim

Repeat Chorus

underneath that hood a big block that purrs
underneath that hood how your engine purred

Repeat Chorus