cállate la boca
maybe you dont want to know me bro
I switch the styles nothing stops my flow
had some problems down in mexico
se lo nada con los maricons

Its all good now I probably go back
pay the campo on a couple of stacks
Fly to cabo on my pinche jet plane
siesta con tu ruca y tu mama tambien
Ha Ha

Nadie con quien tu hablas sabe nada de mi. (x4)

Dona Diabla mucho hablas
she wants her man to fuck me up
she chupacabras posted in la cama
he at pollo loco cooking up some alas
Im dodging balas cuz Im a lobo
Anno on the beat cuz i’m solo
need a label come and fund all my bolo’s

V I K I add my N G’s
if they come with preguntas
(callate la boca) you never knew me

jumping out la ventana
mexicali ninja sayonara
catch me outside at the cachanilla
we can solve any dispute I pay the fee ya

lets have cena with the family
bring a little bit of agua to the valleys
the sea is seco we could use the cortez
para toda para azul para rez Para Gente
Para ninos por avez fly away

Nadie con
quien tu hablas sabe nada de mi. (x4)

cállate la boca (x4)

Look homie se que soy hypocrital
We amigos I’m just flowing getting lyrical
pero espero que me ames de todos modos
Tengo mucho amor por todos
We could be good friends we could be enemies
i could be your running back
eric bieniemy now you got the point
La Puente im here to make a score
for the gente

Nadie con quien tu hablas sabe nada de mi. (x4)