Uncomfortable because I know this gem directed 

right here at me 

Im fragile glass and its broken into a piece 

I sweep it up at the end of my 9 - 5 existence 

Uncomfortable because I need the ridicule and it needs me and theres a balance to shit talking diplomacy still look up to Rass cuz he's walking all over me 

stomping all over me 

I’m just a minimum wage over the hill motherfucker 

with no friends no ends deserved all the shit on my nose my lip cuz I borrowed money to purchase this beat instead of feeding my brats another big mac 

Spitting words really aint to fight back 

I do this shit to leave a fucking small scratch 

on the wall of a cell in a human zoo 

only Fed with the head a sum old presidents 

we all brainwashed and bought 

Let loose but caught 

bankrolled and robbed 

bent over and cocked 

till they finished and soft 


Heart on my sleeve 


I need you and you need me