It was revolution street
I was humming to the beat
Saw her standing at the bottom of the stairs
I was there for one thing
and I knew that she could bring
all that stuff outta me leave me feeling empty

She was so sharp That set my hook
She was so Bad I went to the top for a look
Saw the city Saw the light Gave the Money
Saw a fight for another little piece of a beauty or a beast

Find me a God who can save me from myself

From one monster to another you remind me of my father 1, 2 -get a heart attack then stab me in the back

Find us a God who can save us from ourselves

Trade one leader for another you remind me of my mother
3, 4 -stuck inside her cave crawled out to be a slave

13th a Friday
Lucky if I get paid
Working at the counter with a mask
Ringing up an order
dreaming of the border
Cant read her lips so I gotta ask

She was kinda closed like a used book
She was so sad I fell for the smile and the look
Saw a tattoo of a tear guess that makes it pretty clear
It dont matter what you think it’ll come out in the ink

5, 6 grab a crucifix and some nails
time to hammer , time to hammer

7, 8 Full of hate thats how to educate
the masses , fill the classes