Some love is rare 

comes around once in a lifetime 

and you may deny it or you may just pass on by 

either way you’ll never own it 

and dont think that bended knees and promises 

and diamond rings will ever make up

for that bad disguise 

I came upon 

a blue moon and a diamond in the rough 

and I couldnt grab it nor could I look away 

just sat in a long solemn silence 

and its hard to think back on times and old crimes 

and little lies wouldn’t turn to bitterness


so dont you cry 

dont you dare 

avoid the roads we walked 

no don’t you wait 

and dont you care 

we are made to fall apart 


some gaze upon 

the endless expanse of loneliness 

and you may avoid or run away and hide 

either way its gonna leave you 

and for a while the trials and smiles of a new life 

created from our being 

defines a legacy youd swear would never reach beyond this governed ancestry


so dont you cry  

and dont you dare  

avoid the roads we walked  

no don’t you wait  

and dont you care  

we are made to fall apart  

dont you frown  

dont you keep  

a whisper in the dark  

Take my hand  

keep the peace  

a friend to many a broken heart