From the recording SCIENTAL O.G. (DIGITAL VERSION)

Act 2: Badboy earns tech privilege and searches for love within lockup.


Verse- Dm, B, C , Dm, B, C
Chorus- G, B, G, B, G, B
Bridge- F, Em, G, Em, F, Em, G, Em

In my head I want to keep you
Hold you in my arms
Don't let another get to touch it
When it isn't hard
In my head I still believe you
Hold you to my ear
I'm gonna swipe you with my finger
How did we get here

They say to set you free
If I love you
I don't know what that means
You got the lock and the key
They say to set you free
If I love you

Here in Prison Cellular
Temperature is rising
Go back to your beds
Until you are called
Here in Prison Cellular
Celebrity blinding
data plans dirty footprints

Leave us alone Mrs Phone, Mr Drone
Need to grow